Fact File



How did you get started in martial arts?

I started martial arts when I was about 15 but stopped at about 17. I had gone to try it out with a friend, but then decided I wanted to go back playing football. I got back into martial arts probably around 21/22

Where have you trained and taught martial arts?

I started my training and teaching at hicks karate in peterborough, before joining the blue blood team in 2010. I moved to teaching at immortal 365 in Peterborough at the start of 2015. However recently I have made the decision to retire from the sport, at present that is both teaching and fighting.

Favourite Colour?

My favourite colour is blue... (actually good job since the fella is a rangers fan 🙂 )

Favourite food?

Do I really just have to pick one 😛  I do enjoy an Indian


To be honest, my goals have always been to stay true to myself and do what makes me happy... If u keep to that all else falls into place

gaynor Morgan