Michael Venom page is a multiple time kickboxing world champion and current mixed martial artist. He competes in the welterweight division for Bellator MMA and is known around the world for is unorthodox fighting style, known as “hands Down” fighting. He started martial arts at the age of 3, training in kung fu and kickboxing under his father Master Curtis Page. Through competing all around the world, Michael won over 20 British Championships and 10 world titles in various associations and promotions. Michael joined London Shoot fighters in 2011 training with fellow fighters John Hathaway, Alex Reid, Marcin Held and Jimmy Wallhead. In 2012, he had his first professional MMA fight against Ben Dishman, winning the bout via a tornado kick. Now holding an impressive 9-0 record, Michael continues to grow and develop as a martial arts phenomenon.

Michael has stated that music is a great form of expression for him. Coming from a Caribbean family, it has always been part of his life growing up. He uses music as a tool to help relax him before a fight as well as a motivational boost before entering the cage. He is also an avid instructor of martial arts and especially enjoys working with children because of their inquisitive and creative minds. He’s stated that he loves seeing both adults and children becoming skilled martial artists. Michael also runs his own fighter management company called Hand Down Management Group.